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Our Vision and Priorities

Our Vision

"Where everyone has an equal chance to be healthier, happier, safer and prosperous through growth that creates opportunities for all".

To address the challenges and opportunities facing us as a Council, five new priorities – or major steps that we need to take – have been identified.

Our Top 5 Priorities are:

  • Securing inclusive economic growth
  • Planning and delivering for Solihull's low carbon future
  • Managing demand and expectation for public services
  • Developing and delivering our approach to services for adults and children with complex needs
  • Making the best use of our people and physical assets

Read more on our vision and priorities in our Solihull Council Plan 2018-2020

The Council’s five priorities will be delivered through eleven key programmes which each in turn consist of a number of projects and activities (see pages 27 – 28 in the Council Plan ).

Although each of these Programmes is aligned to a particular Priority, the reality is that each one cuts across and contributes to a number of Priorities. Our strategic business planning approach and leadership structures are designed to ensure that all of our Priorities, Key Programmes and activities are developed and delivered in a cross-Council and, where necessary, cross-partner way.

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