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Our Vision and Priorities

Our vision:

‘Where everyone has an equal chance to be healthier, happier, safer and prosperous through growth that creates opportunity for all’

Key things to do by 2025:

  • Revitalising our towns and local centres
  • Deliver UK Central (UKC) and maximise the opportunities of HS2
  • Increase the supply, quality and energy efficiency of housing, especially affordable and social housing
  • Enhance Solihull’s natural and physical environment
  • Improve Solihull’s air quality
  • Reduce Solihull’s net carbon emissions
  • Take action to improve life chances in our most disadvantaged communities
  • Enable communities to thrive
  • Sustainable, quality, affordable provision for adults and children with complex needs
  • Promoting employee well-being

We will also prioritise learning and recovery from Covid-19 (health, economic, educational and social). We will also use the Council’s role as employer, procurer, service provider and system influencer to drive inclusive growth across the borough. 

Read more on our vision and priorities in our Solihull Council Plan 2020-2025