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Direction, Focus and Delivery

The Council’s Vision for Solihull is that it will be a place where everyone has an equal chance to be healthier, happier, safer and prosperous.

The quality services we provide on a daily basis play a major role in achieving this Vision, but we also need to give ourselves a focus on those areas which will make the most impact, which will target the challenges mentioned earlier and which will maintain our focus on both sides of the coin.

These are our 4 inter-connected Priorities and the 12 outcomes for the Borough, its people, its communities and its Council we expect to see in 2020.

These outcomes will not happen on their own so we are putting our energy, endeavour and resources into 18 Key Delivery Programmes designed to make the necessary step changes and breakthroughs.

Although each of these Programmes is aligned to a particular Priority, the reality is that each one cuts across and contributes to a number of Priorities as shown in our Plan. Our strategic business planning approach and leadership structures are designed to ensure that all of our Priorities and Key Programmes are developed and delivered in a cross-Council and, where necessary, cross-partner way.

Each of these Programmes has a number of specific actions (we call them tactics) to be delivered in 2017/18. These make up the next level of our business planning, the detail of which is not included in this top level Council Plan, but is available on the Council’s Intranet and via the contact details at the end of the Plan. These tactics cascade through the organisation so that teams and individuals can be clear on what their individual priorities are and how they collectively deliver this Council Plan.

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