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Anne Brereton, Director of Managed Growth and Communities

"We are intent on shaping and creating great places to live, work and visit. This means a new compact with our local communities, partners, voluntary sector and residents to agree what matters most..."

Anne Brereton, Director of Managed Growth and Communities

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Dear Candidate,

I hope that you read this and it makes you want to be part of our team.  It’s a team that I’m really proud to lead and one that has a great reputation for delivering the Council’s corporate priorities and commissioning some very valued services in the Borough.

The Assistant Director Stronger Communities post was created only 18 months ago.  Although ‘Building Stronger Communities’ has been one of the Council’s four main priorities for some time we recognised that we needed to have a dedicated lead officer at a senior level to really drive this agenda.  Some great work has been done to set the direction over the last year and following the retirement of the postholder we are now looking for someone to pick up the baton and turn this direction into delivery prioritising what is achievable and tangible.  

Whilst this post and the service responsibilities are within the Managed Growth and Communities Directorate we are very clear that the success of the individual requires the support of the whole of the corporate leadership team and is dependent on partnership working and relationship building.  We have excellent relationships with our colleagues in police, fire services and Solihull Community Housing.  We already work in an integrated way at operational level to achieve a cleaner, greener and safer Solihull and are developing an agenda to achieve greater integration at a locality based level with ambitions to link more closely with our people based services across the Council and the NHS.   

One of the greatest strengths of our Directorate leadership team is that we share our responsibilities and pressures, work in agile and flexible ways to support the corporate priorities.  This is testament to the type of team and individuals that we have.  However we have much to do, and we need someone with buckets of enthusiasm and ambition coupled with a healthy realism and pragmatism about what can be achieved through the Stronger Communities agenda.
Personally and professionally there is a lot on offer here in Solihull.  We have all the benefits and opportunities of working in a Unitary environment yet we are small enough to really get to know key people, and engage with many of our community and resident groups.  Our growth agenda provides opportunities that are not available in many areas and we are determined that our communities will directly benefit from the gain rather than just experiencing all the pain of many years of construction associated with HS2, the expansion of Birmingham airport, JLR and a strong local economy.  The UK Central Masterplan sets out the scale of our ambition which is now being delivered.  As a member of our Directorate Leadership team you will have an opportunity to be involved, influence and shape the agenda around all these issues and many more.  

We are intent on shaping and creating great places to live, work and visit.  This means a new compact with our local communities, partners, voluntary sector and residents to agree what matters most and how we can use our collective resources more effectively.   We have active councillors that are community champions and the support of a lead Cabinet member to promote the agenda.   We are all,  quite rightly, proud of the Borough and have demanding standards and expectations of our services and ourselves.  If you think you can help us to move forward and bring some new ideas then please let us know by completing an application and telling us what you have to offer.
Yours faithfully

Anne Brereton
Director of Managed Growth and Communities

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